Monday, April 14, 2008

Would You Buy A Tesla Roadster Over A New Porsche?

All things considered the Tesla Motors has a cool idea for what a car should be. I am a fan of the business people behind the making of the Tesla Roadster car such as Elon Musk, but as the date approaches that the first Tesla is driven by a consumer, I ask myself, would I trade the opportunity to own a new Porsche in order to own a Tesla Roadster? I have to say that my answer would be a resounding no. I of course am making this judgement on the grounds of the car alone, and not the environmental advantages that a Tesla Roadster might bring. As an apple to apple comparisson I would take a Porsche 911 Turbo any single day over any new sports car out. Call me biased, but I am a diehard Porsche lover, and no new sports car, even with a cost of only $.02 cents a mile to drive would ever change the way I feel. That's just me though, I would love to hear all of your opionions.


Charles Le Pere said...

That's cool, I appreciate your die-hard Porsche bias. I own one too and can empathize with this emotion. However, I would jump on the opportunity to buy a Tesla roadster over ANY Porsche, any day of the week. Heavy and loud are the ways of the past. The roadster silent, nimble, light and faster than any internal combustion car on the road. The handling from the car, I'm presuming, will be fantastic too considering the Lotus engineering behind the body and chassis. It's all about torque with an electric engines and therefore all about acceleration. Environmental friendliness, with the Tesla roadster seems to be just an added benefit. If you look at the car closely (at it's specs etc) you'll see it's about performance and breaking the mold of conventional (extremely old fashioned) technology.

There is a really funny video of Jay Leno on his car/garage website test driving the Tesla. You've got to check it out, it's hilarious. He seems to carry an immediate disdain for the car b/c it's not an internal combustion driven car and he show it through his real lack of excitement about the car. But he tries to show how he is into the technology by showing off all his really, really old EVs. So he acts quite unexcited about it, that is until he actually starts to drive it. And he can't get over the "torque at any RPM". Check it out.

motostrano said...

would not buy one. have not bought one.